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Honeymoon Planning Resources

Deciding to honeymoon with us will allow you to enjoy a stress free honeymoon, far away from the demands of work and daily life. Although we do the bulk of your getaway planning for you, we can’t help but admit there’s lots of fun to be had by planning (a very small part) of your honeymoon yourselves. 
When it comes time to pick the basics for your honeymoon, use these planning resources to help you get started.

Set a Date

Just like booking a wedding venue, your honeymoon trip needs to be booked in advance in order to ensure you get the lowest prices and best amenities. Review your wedding schedule to determine when the best time to depart for your getaway will be, but don’t forget to give yourselves time to shower and pack after the wedding ceremony. Chicago-based couples departing directly from their wedding venue should use W-Limo, our trusted sister company. If organization is something you really value, consider creating a wedding and honeymoon calendar on Google calendars. 

Set Priorities

Your honeymoon is more than just a vacation for two- it’s the first time you and your significant other will spend time together as a married couple. This trip will set the tone of your marriage, so be sure to set priorities for your trip that get both of you excited. Time talking to each other about which activities and experiences are most important to make sure you pick a destination that both of you will be happy with.


Some of the top honeymoon priorities include: 

•    A large, comfortable hotel suite
•    All-inclusive packages 
•    Romantic beaches 
•    Outdoor activities
•    Hotel spa
•    Ease of transportation 
•    Adult-only locations 
•    Private pool 
•    Nightlife
•    Destination safety 
•    Budget Friendly

Set a Budget

Although money shouldn’t be something you have to worry about during your honeymoon, it’s a realistic way to prevent you from overspending on (or after) your honeymoon.


By budgeting wisely for your first vacation as a married couple, you can ensure you have some cash on hand after you return home to use for living expense.  

Find out more about budgeting and how to create honeymoon registry online.

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