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About Us

We create vacation packages that help couples start their lives off passionately.
We feel there’s no better gift than giving newlywed couples access to a luxurious honeymoon experience. A post-wedding trip will set the tone for the rest of your relationship, and we’re honored to play a role in helping you build a successful marriage.
How many other Chicago honeymoon providers can say that?

What to Expect
When you contact our staff, you can expect to receive knowledgeable service from an experienced travel expert. To educate couples about their options, we’re happy to answer any questions about different vacation packages and the benefits they offer. We feel it’s extremely important to get to know each of our couples as a unit and individuals- by learning about your mutual preferences, we can better recommend destinations that will make your honeymoon something to treasure forever. 

Some of our top priorities include: 

•    High-Quality Trips: 
  What would be worse than arriving to your honeymoon destination, only to find the hotel sub-par and the food barely edible? To ensure our couples get the most enjoyable honeymoon experience possible, we only offer packages you’re sure to love. 

•    Organized Schedules: 
 Being well-organized is the first step to a successful honeymoon vacation. Because you have so much going on with your upcoming wedding, we take it upon ourselves to neatly compile all your honeymoon travel information (such as flight information, hotel bookings, and transportation) for you.


•    Happy Couples: 
 Happiness is contagious. Providing couples with a romantic trip that segues into a consistently happy, long-lasting, and passionate marriage is our ultimate goal. 

Your honeymoon should be a time that you and your significant other can look back on as the perfect start to your marriage. We’re here to make that vision a reality.

 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations Include:

We currently service a number of romantic and exciting destinations around the world. To ensure every couple has a large selection of honeymoon destinations to choose from, we can reserve packages

•    North America
•    South America
•    Africa
•    Asia
•    Europe
•    Oceana
•    The Caribbean and more! 

Each couple is different. Some prefer a luxurious honeymoon spent relaxing in the sand, while others are dying to get out and explore the most challenging places the world can offer. Whether you know exactly what you want, or are still getting acquainted with the thousands of different vacation packages, contact our team of dedicated honeymoon travel experts to get started. 

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