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The Bahamas most beautiful Beaches

Without doubt the many small Islands that make up the Bahamas are home to some of the most beautiful Beaches in the World. 

The most popular for Honeymooners and travelers of all types are Paradise Island and Grand Bahama, where you can find a wealth of luxury Hotels and Resorts, all offering the perfect setting for a romantic getaway for two! 

The Sea is so beautiful in this corner of the Earth that you are sure to have seen it featured in scenes from James Bond films and other famous movies. You can go snorkeling, swim with Dolphins, and even with Pigs, or rent a small Boat and find a perfectly secluded Beach for those who prefer a more intimate type of Vacation. 

Its no wonder that the Bahamas are such a popular place for Destination Wedding. Let us help to choose the perfect Bahama Package for you! 



Best Resorts

There are almost too many 5* Hotels lining the Bahamas Islands. 

We have picked out the most popular Adult Only Resorts for couples planning to go on their Honeymoon to Paradise Island, the Grand Bahama, Emerald Bay and more. 



Exotic Beaches

The coast lining the thousands of small Islands and Cays in the Bahamas are filled with beaches, boasting clear waters and white sand, (there are even some beaches that have pink sand too)!

It's no wonder that many Beaches have become known as the Sexiest Beaches in the World. Idyllic palm trees fringing the perfectly white shores, and clear turquoise sea are the perfect combination for those looking for a romantic place to spend their travels. 


Swimming with Pigs

Besides snorkeling opportunities, the chance to swim with Dolphins or Sharks and to ride on Horseback along the shore, there is one fun activity which is completely unique to the Bahamas. 

If you choose to stay in Nassau or the Exumas then you can go on a tour and visit the swimming Pigs of the Bahamas! Although we are not sure how they got there, there are about 20 pigs and piglets now owning their own Beach, interestingly enough named Pig Beach after its unusual inhabitants. 


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