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Picking Destinations

Honeymoon ideas to help you pick the right destination.  

Think about it: do you enjoy people-watching in crowds of tourists, or a relaxing the day away on a remote beach with no one else around? These are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when picking the right honeymoon location for you and your new partner. If you still have thousands of honeymoon ideas to sort through, use these tips to help you narrow your list. 

Consider This: 

Departing on your honeymoon is more than setting out on a long vacation.

This romantic expedition will be a way for you and your spouse to celebrate your union and set the dynamic for your marriage. Make your honeymoon a fulfilling adventure for both of you by picking a destination that will excite and intrigue you both. 

When planning a honeymoon, many couples consider:

•    Budget restrictions. 
•    Weather preferences.
•    Availability of historical/cultural attractions.
•    Luxury facilities.
•    Room service. 
•    Outdoor activities.
•    Peace & privacy.
•    Duration of stay.

Once you know which activities and commodities are most important to you and your spouse, you’ll be able to zero in on the perfect destination. 

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations 

Needless to say, not all honeymoon destinations are created equal. On a trip as important as your honeymoon, picking a breathtakingly beautiful destination will help all the other aspects of your honeymoon fall into place.  

Find honeymoon ideas for your fairytale getaway by browsing some of these popular destinations:

1.     Acapulco, Mexico
2.    The Maldives
3.    Santorini, Greece
4.    Brazil
5.    Tofino, Canada
6.    Bora Bora
7.    Paris, France
8.    Cape Town, South Africa
9.    Venice, Italy
10.   Bali, Indonesia

An incredible honeymoon starts by stepping off the plane in an invigorating locale. 

Do any of these honeymoon ideas sound intriguing to you? Book a trip that will leave you refreshed and inspired- contact us today to reserve a luxurious all-inclusive honeymoon package for you and your new spouse. 


More popular destinations.

Popular Honeymoon Activities

Honeymoon activities give you a chance to explore the adventurous and romantic sides of your new marriage.

More than just a post-marriage getaway, honeymoons are an opportunity for man and wife to experience new and invigorating places with one another. Spending time with your loved one in an entirely new place is a chance to bond and enjoy one another’s company. Experience a new sense of adventure and romance with your beloved as you explore new cities, sample local foods, and enjoy drinks while watching a colorful sunset.  

What challenges (or luxuries) do you want to enjoy during your honeymoon? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular honeymoon activities below: 

Hike & Explore

For active, outdoor-oriented couples, no honeymoon would be complete without a challenging hike or adventure in the wilderness. Rugged excursions aren’t hard to find in most honeymoon destinations- in fact, places like Peru and South Africa are well-known for their wealth of outdoor honeymoon activities.

Swim with the Sea Life

A perfect mix of leisure and adventure, couples from around the world choose to snorkel or scuba dive on their honeymoon. Not only is it a great way to appreciate the natural ecosystem of the destination you visit, it’s also a great way to stay cool in tropical destinations.  

Relax on the Beach 

There’s a reason so many couples choose to head to the beach for their honeymoon destinations. Not only does the beach offer a nice way to soak in the sun and enjoy the outdoors, it also gives you and your loved one a chance to relax together and do absolutely nothing before heading back to the grind of daily life. 


Dance to Live Music

Do you and your spouse enjoy live music? If so, why not put a few live shows on the itinerary for your honeymoon? Hundreds of local restaurants and bars offer live music, and it’s not uncommon for larger bands to be playing major concerts in large honeymoon destinations as well. Ask our travel experts for information on live music near your honeymoon destination when the time comes. 


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