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What to Expect from Destination Weddings


Easier to Plan. Unforgettably Thrilling. 

Because out-of-state weddings are a relatively new concept to couples in the U.S., many couples aren’t sure what to expect from destination weddings. Planning a destination wedding is much easier than coordinating in your home town. All-inclusive destination wedding packages remove the stress of scheduling or preparing everything yourself. Instead, the resort planners focus on prepping the entire event for you, so you and your fiancé can spend the event focused on each other. 

Surprising Facts

Many couples are surprised to learn the cost of their destination wedding, because they are often much more affordable than the standard “at-home” wedding. Surprised? According to a study done by The Knot, the average wedding in the U.S. costs $30,000, which is significantly more than a modest destination wedding. In addition to a more affordable price tag, couples can experience two incredible events- a romantic honeymoon and an exotic wedding – all at once.  

Planning the Rest

Once you’ve selected the perfect wedding destination, it’s time to start planning the rest. Because we’re handling everything with the event’s vendors and venue, the only thing for you to focus on is yourselves, your guests, and soaking in your big day. 
As we plan the event, here are some things you should think over: 

Depending on the destination you choose, a standard wedding dress or tuxedo may be appropriate. For example, beach weddings and ceremonies in a forest require very different types of clothing, so be prepared!  

Destination weddings are unbelievably exciting for the bride and groom, but guests could be hesitant to attend due to the additional cost of travel. Prepare invitations (or find a way to assist with their cost of travel) to make them an offer they can’t turn down. 

What type of décor will you be using for your ceremony? It’s difficult to transport all the things like centerpieces, table clothes, and other decorative items from one country to another, so this is something you’ll definitely need to plan ahead. Of course, our helpful staff is here for you ever step of the way, and will recommend vendors and handle booking reservations if necessary. 

If you need more help finding destination wedding ideas, contact our destination experts today.

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