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What to Look for in an All Inclusive Honeymoon Package

Booking your honeymoon is an exciting experience. In fact, some couples believe the honeymoon is even more exciting than the wedding ceremony itself! As you browse through breathtaking destinations and luxurious resorts, picking a romantic getaway is fun and worry free. But when the time comes to start looking for an all-inclusive honeymoon package, knowing what activities and benefits you should prioritize can be hard. To help you make an educated decision about your honeymoon package, we’ll cover just a few things every couple should ask about.

Food & Lodging: When you’re paying for an all-inclusive getaway, food and lodging should be covered for the duration of your stay. Be sure to clarify the terms of inclusions when you discuss your honeymoon package with your vendor. Not only does this ensure you understand what types of foods are included (for example, some vendors may only cover you’re a la carte menu, while trips to the buffet are not included), as well as protect you from any unseen charges.

Activities & Excursions: Some all-inclusive honeymoon packages will also cover activities to keep you entertained during your getaway. Past times like snorkeling, horseback riding, surfing lessons, and spa days are just a few of the honeymoon activities couples enjoy, depending on the destination they travel to. If a package that includes activity is a high priority for you, be sure to mention that to your travel specialist.

Airfare: As one of the things you absolutely need for your honeymoon away, airfare is something you should definitely consider consolidating into your package. If your provider doesn’t include airfare in their packages, consider asking about discounted flights (or cruises!) to your destination.

Payment Terms: Although shopping for a honeymoon package can be fun, it’s important to know what kind of deposit terms are listed on your agreement. Do you need to pay for the full trip in advance, or can you make small deposits every few months? Questions like these need to be ironed out when shopping for the perfect honeymoon package to prevent confusion and dissatisfaction later on.

Alcohol: If you and your beloved enjoy having beers and cocktails, then be sure to ask whether or not alcoholic drinks are included in your rate. In some packages, endless alcohol is one of the exiting perks of the honeymoon package.

Refunds: Sometimes, surprises can happen when you least expect them. Health problems, difficulty securing travel documentation, and other unforeseen issues can require you to cancel or postpone your honeymoon. Although the need for a refund can seem unlikely, knowing whether or not you have the option to request a refund can be helpful if something unexpected comes up.

There are a lot of thin

gs to consider when planning your fairytale honeymoon, but putting in the time and effort to ask difficult questions now will ensure you’re fully satisfied with your experience later on. Start exploring the thousands of honeymoon options you can experience- contact our team of destination experts today.

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