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What is the Real Benefit of Honeymoons?

Are honeymoons practical?

We say yes.

Particularly when budgets are tight, it can be easy to start wondering if a honeymoon really is all that important. After all, what is the real benefit of honeymoons? Couldn’t you just spend the week at home, call in from work, and enjoy quality time with your significant other? According to psychologists, travelling as a couple can enhance romance; by setting out on a honeymoon, a honeymoon getaway means starting your marriage with the intention to live a passionate and adventurous life together.

Today’s Honeymoons Are Completely Untraditional

The history of honeymoons can be found in a number of ancient stories. The earliest reports of honeymoons begin in the Nordic culture, however their nature at that time was much more sinister. In 19th century Britain, honeymooners would use their time off to visit family members who were unable to attend the ceremony. Over time, people have acknowledged the importance of giving a bride and groom space to bond after their union. Now more than ever, honeymoons are viewed as a way to celebrate your marriage and create a sense of togetherness.

A few reasons honeymoons are recommended for newlyweds include:

Stress Recovery: Even when you’ve booked an all-inclusive wedding package, the stress of preparing for a wedding can take a serious toll on your overall emotional state. Even if your wedding is relatively modest, the emotional weight of balancing work and personal life takes a heavy (yet often unnoticed) toll on people’s emotional and physical health. By taking time to experience an exciting new place, you can return home entirely recharged.

Escape Work: Even if you love your job, it can be energy consuming. Studies show that our environment plays an enormous role in the way our brain functions throughout the day. Often, the struggles we face at work can block us from enjoying the small pleasures of daily life. By escaping to a new and exciting location far from the office, you have a better ability to unwind and focus on what matters most: your marriage.

Set a Positive Tone for your Relationship: Travel can improve your mood and give you a renewed sense of personal fulfillment. By taking the time to travel and experience a new place with your partner, you’re setting the tone for a positive and healthy relationship in the future. Setting time aside to focus on your marriage now will help you understand the importance of taking time out of your work schedule to honor your loved one later on.

It’s important to understand that the benefit of honeymoons is more than a standard vacation. By taking time to explore and relax with your husband or wife, your honeymoon gives you a way to show respect and commitment to the longevity of a healthy marriage. Thankfully, all-inclusive honeymoon packages don’t have to be expensive; in fact, many trips to Mexico and other nearby destinations can be booked for surprisingly low rates. Many couples are thankful for their honeymoon experience, because it gives them a chance to really focus on maintaining a well-balanced life and building a lasting, successful marriage.

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