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As one of the most sought after vacation and honeymoon spots in the world, the entire continent of Europe is loaded with history, architecture, art, and delicious food. Tour Europe’s most well-known historic hubs and art galleries, or retreat into the countryside to devour fresh local food and soak in some quiet time with your significant other. 
Two romantic honeymoon spots in Europe include: 

Tuscany, Italy

Calming countryside and sophisticated architecture are just a few of the things that pull so many couples to Tuscany, but it’s the food and culture that often cause them to fall in love with the region. Historical legends from around the world (such as Michelangelo, Dante, and Leonardo da Vinci) have spent their time here, which has enabled the area to house art galleries and museums full of intriguing masterpieces.  

Paris, France
Known as the city of love, experiencing Paris for your honeymoon is a romantic’s dream come true. Historically vibrant and heavily influenced by fashion, the city condenses culturally rich museums, thrilling nightlife, and fantastic landscapes all in forty square miles. 

Honeymooning in Paris is a once in a lifetime experience- book the most romantic trip of your life today. 


Wonderfully wild... Starlingly peaceful...


Africa’s diverse wildlife and sprawling deserts have shrouded it in a veil of mystique and adventure. But many destinations in Africa are home to trendy beaches and sophisticated restaurants, where couples can enjoy vibrate nightlife and explore the local culture.  Learn more about our Africa honeymoon packages below. 

Some of Africa’s most popular honeymoon destinations include: 


Private safaris, romantic beach resorts, and mesmerizing wilderness are just a few of Kenya’s hallmark honeymoon activities. Arguably one of the most popular things to do in Kenya is visit Masai Mara National Park, where you can photograph stunning grasslands, snaking rivers, and abundant wildlife. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sandy white beaches and vibrant sunsets characterize this East African beach. When you’re not at the beach, enjoy the area’s history by touring Stone Town, where traditional Swahili culture has merged with influences from India, Europe, and the Mid-East.  

It’s time to explore a combination of adventure and luxury with your special someone. Ask us about rates and reservations 

South America

South America is a culturally rich continent offering everything from exciting rainforest adventures to bustling farmers’ markets in the city. Foods like Ceviche (from Peru) and Empanadas (Argentina) originate from this primarily tropical region; for those who prefer historical attractions, places like Easter Island and Cusco will give you a small glimpse at what life was like here hundreds of years ago.   

Two countries that get lots of honeymooners include: 


The famous Machu Pichu is an overwhelming reason for honeymooners to select Peru as their post-wedding getaway. A historical destination on almost everyone’s bucket list, the impressive set of ruins entices thousands of newlywed couples from around the world each year. But Peru isn’t just for outdoor enthusiasts- northern beaches and luxurious resorts allow couples to enjoy some downtime between their adventures. 


Well known for breathtaking views and authentic south American cuisine, Chile offers a variety of cultural, historical, and relaxing opportunities. If you have time, don’t pass up a trip to the famous Easter Island, where you can guess at how the famous statues came to be there. 


Do you need a honeymoon full of challenging cuisine, picturesque art, and plenty of shopping opportunities? The unique culture and lifestyle you can experience with Asia honeymoon packages  allows western couples a chance to challenge their minds and bodies by diving into a completely different world. 

Two of Asia’s most popular honeymoon destinations include: 

Known for an abundance of tropical beaches and colorful nightlife, beach-bound honeymooners lust after Thailand’s honeymoon specials. The Phi Phi Islands, Bangkok, and Ayutthaya are all destinations with picturesque scenery, giving honeymooners a chance to capture stunning photos together before returning home.  

Langkawi, Malaysia
A series of 104 islands, Langkawi offers stunning sunsets, remote beaches, and unique wildlife. Learning the history (and legends) of the islands will keep your mind busy while you enjoy the beaches and hot springs abundant to this part of Malaysia. 

Is an eastern getaway is right for you? Ask us about Asia honeymoon packages today. 

The USA and Canada

Whether you prefer to go horseback riding in Wyoming’s mountains or immerse yourself in the historic tales of Washington D.C., you’ll be shocked at the layers of culture and scenery the U.S.A holds. Many couples who choose U.S.A. honeymoon packages do so because it’s their country of residence, allowing them to enjoy more time vacationing and less time travelling. 

Two popular U.S. honeymoon destinations include:

No matter which island you choose to visit, beginning your marriage together in Hawai’i is wonderfully scenic and mercifully relaxing. Watch the ocean change color during a Hawai’ian sunset, scarf down delicious island food, and learn about the ancient culture and heritage of the local Hawai’ian people- book your Hawai’i honeymoon today. 

Napa Valley, California
Perfect for couples who choose fragrant soil over grainy sand, Napa is loaded with sophisticated but lively activities to keep your itinerary full. Most couples venture to Napa for its iconic wine selection, but also find themselves enjoying afternoon horseback rides, amusing golf games, and soothing spa treatments. 

If an American honeymoon is what you’ve been dreaming of, find out more about rates and reservations for U.S.A. honeymoon packages today. 



Panoramic mountains and gripping outdoor adventures are two reasons honeymooners choose Canada for their perfect honeymoon, but the rugged outdoors isn’t the only thing this country is known for. Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Quebec City all offer a mix of relaxing indoor past times (like spas and fine dining) to enjoy once you’ve had your fill of the rocky panorama. 

The best honeymoon destinations today are a mix of timeless classics and new cultural hotspots.


If you have any questions about the best honeymoon destination for you, contact us today! 


Oceania is a tropical sanctuary, where destinations like Australia, the Cook Islands, and New Zealand are tucked away. Within this peaceful realm of salty air and clear blue skies, you can find world-class beaches teeming with ocean life amid the sandy coast lines. 
Spend your honeymoon in a luxury resort or sail the calming seas on a romantic cruise. Whichever option is best for you, our all-inclusive honeymoon packages help you squeeze luxury and excitement into your trip on a budget that suits you.  

Couples who visit Oceana for their honeymoon often:

•    Relax on the beach 
•    Surf
•    Snorkel/Scuba Dive
•    Visit Outdoor Sanctuaries 
•    Unwind on Spa Days 
•    Sip Local Beer & Wine
•    Enjoy Local Cuisine 
•    Go on a Kayaking Adventure
•    Explore the Wilderness on Guided Trips 
•    Wander Land & Sea Caves


If you’re interested in booking a honeymoon trip to New Zealand, ask our travel agents about different unique and all-inclusive vacation packages today. 

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