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Europe is a top destination choice for couples from around the world. Brimming with historic cities, exquisite artwork, savory food, and sweeping views, this region has been home to hopeless romantics like Shakespeare and Lord Byron. Just a few of the top European honeymoon destinations include Italy, France, and Greece. 


Africa isn’t just for couples interested in safaris and big-game reserves. In addition to the desert landscapes and abundant wildlife, you’ll uncover characteristic wines, world-renowned shark-caging opportunities, and relaxing beaches. Honeymoon packages to Africa are available for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, and more. 


South America is a culturally rich continent offering everything from exciting rainforest adventures to bustling farmers’ markets in the city. Foods like Ceviche (from Peru) and Empanadas (Argentina) originate from this primarily tropical region; for those who prefer historical attractions, places like Easter Island and Cusco will give you a small glimpse at what life was like here hundreds of years ago.


Challenging foods, powerful culture, and picture-perfect scenery are just a few of the things that pull honeymooners to Asia’s romantic destinations. Thailand, the Maldives, and Indonesia are just a few of today’s most exciting destinations, each offering a wealth of luxurious honeymoon resorts and thrilling outdoor activities. 

The best honeymoon destinations are exhilaratingly beautiful and loaded with engaging activities.
Spend your getaway lounging on the sand… or exploring tropical jungles- whatever makes you happy. No matter what type trip you choose, the all-inclusive honeymoon packages you choose will give you everything you need to make your fairytale a reality. Stage your romantic getaway in a unique setting by choosing from one of today’s best honeymoon destinations. 
Honeymooners fall in love all over again in these popular destinations: 

Popular Destinations

Let's be more specific on what popular honeymoon destinations we recommend. Find out more.
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